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What’s in your garage? You might be practical when you choose cars — a versatile hatchback or minivan is just the thing.  Perhaps you prefer the rugged image of an SUV, or like to reward yourself with a convertible or luxury sedan. Maybe you're a car collector and also have a classic muscle car or vintage sports car for weekend cruising.

Whatever you drive, you know you need insurance for your car and assets. And Farmers has coverage options that enable you to get the auto insurance policy you want.

Here are some of the risks a driver may face:

You cause an accident


You cause a minor collision when glare from the setting sun blinds you in rush hour traffic. Damage is relatively minimal, but the other driver says her neck is in pain.


Liability insurance coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage to another that results from covered losses you cause.

You accidentally damage your own car


You’re on your way to a ski weekend when you lose traction on an icy road — the impact when you slide into a guardrail damages your SUV’s front fender.


Collision coverage can help repair your vehicle if it’s damaged — or compensate you for its value if it’s a total loss.

A hailstorm dents your car


A sudden hailstorm cracks your car’s windshield and leaves dozens of dents on the hood, roof and trunk of your vehicle.


Comprehensive coverage can help when your car is damaged by something other than a collision.

An uninsured driver hits you


You suffer minor injuries when another driver runs a red light and clips your car’s rear fender. On top of it all, the driver doesn’t have auto insurance.


Uninsured motorist coverage covers the costs of your bodily injuries — up to your policy limit – when they are caused by an at-fault driver without any auto insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage picks up the costs of your injuries when an at-fault driver has some insurance, but not enough to cover all of your damages.

Your son is injured in a single-car wreck


Your son and a passenger are both injured when his subcompact hits a tree.


Medical payments coverage can help with medical expenses if they’re caused by a covered accident — regardless of fault.

You can’t work during physical therapy


You miss several days of work while receiving physical therapy for injuries sustained in a car accident.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP), where available, can help with medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as lost wages.

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Doctor with arms crossed

Medical Payments

Covers medical costs for passengers who have been injured in an accident, no matter who is at fault.
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Car Hit By Tree


Type of insurance covering collision with other vehicles, objects, and animals.
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Rental Car Reimbursement CT

Rental Car Reimbursement

Covers cost of rental cars for 30 days while yours is repaired.
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Car bodies on manufactering line.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Coverage available on cars up to 10 years old.
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Red Truck in snow


Covering damage to car besides collision, such as hail or theft.
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Tow truck with car loaded on

Towing and Roadside Service

Covers costs of towing, also providing 24/7 roadside assistance for disabled vehicles.
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Car with tires stripped and on curb

New Car Replacement

This coverage option gives you an agreed-upon sum for a car that is a total loss.
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Car with damage on bumper

Accident Forgiveness

Coverage for this keeps your premium from going up. In addition, Farmers forgives one at-fault accid
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Loss Of Use

A flat sum given to cover the cost of transportation while your car is being repaired. It can be use
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Jeep in desert

New Car Replacement Coverage

This coverage covers the cost to replace the same make and model of your damaged car.
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Uber Driver in car


Protects drivers who work for rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft.
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Car with damage


Covers losses by an uninsured driver.
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Stack of Tires

Spare Parts Coverage

Policy covers costs of spare parts that were used because of damage.
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Broken Windshield

Glass Deductible Buyback

Covers cost of damaged windshields, glass repair, and replacement.
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Man with crutches

Personal Injury Protection

Helps you cover cost of medical rehabilitation no matter who’s at fault.
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Wheel of Audi Car

Customized Equipment

Covers costs of custom parts such as wheels if damaged.
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Car Windshield

Full Windshield and Glass Coverage

This coverage offers a $0 deductible on glass repair, paying nothing out of pocket.
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Car in desert

Personal Umbrella

This coverage will help protect your assets from lawsuits.
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"Mike and his team at the Urgo Agency/Farmers Insurance are great! Very knowledgeable, very nice, and easy to work with. It's not just about the insurance rates but more importantly the education on what coverage you need (for your home, boat, car, etc). Highly recommend giving Mike a call!"

"Mike and his team at the Urgo Agency/Farmers Insurance are great! Very knowledgeable, very nice, and easy to work with. It's not just about the insurance rates but more importantly the education on what coverage you need (for your home, boat, car, etc). Highly recommend giving Mike a call!"

"Mike was unbelievable! He was extremely friendly, quick and very knowledgeable. He saved me $700 a year! I would highly recommend Mike Urgo for your insurance needs!"

"Mike and his team are consummate professionals with an honest and consultative approach. Would highly recommend him for any of your insurance needs."

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